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Re: Cryogenically Frozen Rotors

> Sounds like more BS to me.  Anything to persuade that their brand of
>  pseudoscience tells the truth and makes their overpriced product much
>  better than someone else's.

When I was involved in the high-end audio industry back in the mid-'80s, 
cryogenic treatment was suggested as a way to improve the sound qualify of 
various components.  I seem to recall some people were even going so far as 
to freeze CDs and LPs and claimed a noticeable sonic improvement as a result 
... frankly, I was skeptical then and remain even more so today.  Shades of 
Peter Belt and his paper clips and bits of wire...

BTW, what's the consensus today about the efficacy of the "meta-lax" 
treatment of subjecting engine blocks and such to low-frequency vibrations in 
order to "massage" out the internal stresses that are generated when a 
casting cools?

Just curious...