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'85 4KSQ For Sale

Is anyone on the list interested in adopting our '85 4000 S Quattro.  Since 
I don't want to maintain insurance for a third car that is not being 
driven, I'd like to sell it, but not for too cheap.

This car is no bueat as original(silver) paint is fading. This car has been
exceptional daily driver, and my wife swears of the many times it has saved 
her - epcially in snowstorms not many others could get through.  It has a 
strong running 2.3 l engine from an '89, as previous owner neglect 
contributed to demise of original motor. Engine and drivetrain are in good 
condition, and I had timing belt and seals replaced last year.

Car has about 140k miles - odo stopped working last year stuck on 137k, I 
doubt we've put on more than 2kmi.

Car needs:
Windsheild - stone chip won't pass MD inspection.
Front Struts  - getting mushy
Shift linkage bushing (ball & socket)- car does not get first gear to 
CV joint boot
Exhaust from Cat on back - too many Marine tex repairs, although no serious 
leaks at present.
parking brake cable
Leather seats could stand to be resewn, but no rips in seat materal, just 
the classic coming apart at the seams. Otherwise interior is in good 

Stereo works good.
Most, if not all accessories and electrical systems work.
Car not driven abusively since we've owned it - has been my wife's car and 
she's no lead foot.  Every now and then I'll drive the carbon out :>
I have kept up with the most important stuff like oil changes, and have 
been running synth since purchased.
New Brake Master cyl.
New clutch Master and Slave cylinders.

Car has Trailer hitch and wiring - this is the car that pulled my 2 ton 20' 
boat up steep ramp - nice torque on stock motor.

I wanted to turn this into project rally car, but reality has set in since 
baby was born, it no longer makes since to perform above repairs on car 
we're not driving.

I'd like to get $1K for car and will replace CV Boot and deliver to anyone 
in Balt. Wash Metro area.  I'm sure the car is worth way more in parts, 
especially engine, but I don't have time to strip for parts in my driveway, 
besides, I'm sure it's worth fixin', and then some, by one who has the 
motivation as I did in past life.

Any takers?

Ben Swann
'85 4KSQ - lookin' for a new owner
'86 5KCSQT
'875KCSQT Wagon