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Re: bronco busting

  "I agree! Why does our society feel the need to pass
our own responsibilities on to someone else. I know
that if I drive recklessly, then I am accountable for
my actions."

I can see points on both sides of this argument, and there is a tendency to overregulate in Canada as well.  I also agree that you are responsible for your own actions...free will and all that.  BUT, the last time I looked, there were other people on the road when I was driving.  And one of those people might very well be one of the idiots we've been talking about (and let's not kid ourselves, they do exist, so why not call a spade a spade), and if his/her actions impact on me, I can only hope that there are regs. in place that minimize the chances of some zippy killing or injuring me.  Now, does that mean no big cars etc.?  No, but if you're driving a big truck, I agree, how   about a special license?  And, as has already been mentioned, how about a real driving test?  One that requires you to drive on the highway and not just 50km/hr. for 20 minutes in the city, like the test around here.

my .02

Jeff Mruss