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RE: bronco busting

So, how does one decide what vehicular characteristics warrant the need for
a special certification?  Is it based on height of center of gravity? ...
tied somehow to wheelbase?  Governments need simple categories into which
they can bin things ... whatever it is they are trying to regulate.  I've
driven vans and even "minivans" that I could tell required special handling
on my part to drive safely.  Why do we need more laws to protect us from
other drivers who create hazardous situations?  Aren't reckless endangerment
and assault with a deadly weapon sufficient?  

I am one of the people who believes that there really isn't much that can be
done in the forms of testing to ensure better drivers ... it all comes down
to training.  I've driven tens of thousands of miles at freeway speeds, and
my response to the complaint about testing is that you're more likely to
have to deal with the abnormal situations that demonstrate your skills in 20
min at 50 km/hr than in 2 hours at 120 km/hr!  Here in California if you are
younger than a certain age or applying for a motorcycle license you have to
successfully complete a driving course beforehand.  This is the way things
need to go IMO.  I would fully support a requirement that for me to renew my
driver's license that I would have to successfully complete an extensive
course that develops/demonstrates my driving abilities ... even at my own
expense.  These courses need to help drivers learn what their vehicle will
do, and what they need to do in those unanticipated situations.  Driving is
a privilege ... and the driver of a vehicle, _any_ motor vehicle, is
controlling a potentially lethal weapon.  As a motorcycle rider who uses a
motorcycle for commuting, I already have taken this to heart ... AAMOF, I
need to sign myself up for another motorcycle class right now.  

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)

>   "I agree! Why does our society feel the need to pass
> our own responsibilities on to someone else. I know
> that if I drive recklessly, then I am accountable for
> my actions."
> I can see points on both sides of this argument, and there is 
> a tendency to overregulate in Canada as well.  I also agree 
> that you are responsible for your own actions...free will and 
> all that.  BUT, the last time I looked, there were other 
> people on the road when I was driving.  And one of those 
> people might very well be one of the idiots we've been 
> talking about (and let's not kid ourselves, they do exist, so 
> why not call a spade a spade), and if his/her actions impact 
> on me, I can only hope that there are regs. in place that 
> minimize the chances of some zippy killing or injuring me.  
> Now, does that mean no big cars etc.?  No, but if you're 
> driving a big truck, I agree, how   about a special license?  
> And, as has already been mentioned, how about a real driving 
> test?  One that requires you to drive on the highway and not 
> just 50km/hr. for 20 minutes in the city, like the test around here.
> my .02
> Jeff Mruss