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Luggage Compartment Problem--Air Apparent

    I've been lurking on the list for several years now, but because I
have the mechanical aptitude of a sea slug and my high performance
driving skills are probably on a par with Strom Thurmond---sorry Phil, a
94-year old US Senator---I rarely contribute. Well, finally I think I can
come up with a helpful suggestion regarding the luggage compartment...You
know, that thing in our 90q 20v Audi cars that's slightly bigger than an
enlarged body pore. Boy, I bet the Audi engineers had a good laugh when
they designed THAT. (Hey, Karl, I measured the space, and it's 8cm too
narrow to accommodate any suitcase currently made. Ha! Ha! Ha!)
    Let me explain. I'm sure everybody over the age of 40 or so has heard
the apocryphal story of some guy who died in his brand new car and they
didn't find him for a week. People tried everything to get the smell out
but they weren't successful--wound up selling the car for a few hundred
    Well, it's deja vou all over again. My wife bought some chicken parts
several days ago and the package leaked while in the luggage compartment
(a.k.a. "trunk "). The car sat out in our sunny driveway for a few days,
before we got around to driving it again. Need I say more? The whole car
smelled like a recently opened grave. Jeez!  I tried several types of
room deodorizers, rug cleaners, various shampoos, etc. And for two days I
had the car parked outside with the trunk lid wide open. (Removed S4 fuse
to turn the light off, never could figure out where the light-switch was
    Anyway, my neighbor commented, "I can't help noticing that, lately,
you're parking your car with the trunk-lid open. Is there some reason?" I
gave him a run-down on the dead-chicken smell. 
    "He said, "Why don't you do like we used to do when one of our dogs
tangled with a skunk?" 
    "You want me to pour a can of tomato juice into the trunk of my
wife's Audi---You're trying to get me killed, right?" I asked.
    "No, you can use vinegar." he said.
    "Really?  Well, the car being an Audi, I suppose I'll have to buy
20-year old balsamic vinegar imported from Modena, Italy."
    "Nope, just plain white vinegar mixed with water." he said.
    I tried it, and it WORKED! Wonderful. No more dead-chicken smell.
Gone...Now, The only problems I'm having are: I can't remember where the
hell I put fuse, so the clock doesn't work; no interior lights; and, for
some strange reason, the air conditioner always comes on in "Automatic"
whenever I start the car. And, oh yes, now the car has the distinct aroma
of a very large, chef's salad. But I can live with that.

Always glad to help out my fellow q-listers:>)

Al Gressler
1991 90q20v  (wifes)
69 912 (hanger queen)

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