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Re: Rear Diff Oil Seal Replacement Questions

Earlier, Frederick Smith wrote:
> ASFAIK,the turbos use the 10mm triple square and the non turbos use the
> 8mm size wrench. I know that's the case with the 4kq (8mm) and the urQ
> (10mm).

Another note on this type of bolt.  Usually the recess for the wrench
isn't very deep - which is why they use the 12 point wrench ... to keep
the bolt head pretty small.

Make sure the hole in the bolt head is completely cleaned out.

A side effect of the recess being shallow, is that if there's any 
dirt or old grease/undercoat/whatever in the recess, the wrench
won't go in deep enough and it'll strip right away!  Also be sure 
to hold the wrench *really* straight into the bolt head recess.

These things strip real easy, and if you do that you'll have even
more fun <!>

Don't ask me how I know these things  :-)

    - Charlie

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