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Bast*rdized '88 Audi 5kt...

This afternoon, I test-drove a very strange Audi indeed.  According to the 
registration, trunk lid and VIN, it's a 1988 5000 turbo but when you open the 
hood, the turbo is nowhere to be found ... as it turns out, the turbo died 
and the seller -- he claims to be the original owner, btw -- decided it was 
too costly to rebuild or replace.

So, he had his mechanic remove the turbo, plug all of the oil/coolant 
openings in the head and block, and install a non-turbo intake manifold and 
exhaust system from a parts car.  Needless to say, it's slug.  Even more 
incredibly, he's been driving it this way for over three years and actually 
described the car to me as "peppy".  Isn't it amazing how naive some Audi 
owners can be about their cars?

With an asking price of $1,650, I thought it might be a good interim car for 
Paula but even she won't put up with a car that's this slowwww.  Next...