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Re: Plug wires - Blue Streak vs Autolite - Experiences or opinions?

Anyone know where to get plug wires for a '91 200tq. The "dealer" isn't
the right answer unless you know of a dealer who can sell a set. The
eaches price at $75x5 isn't real attractive to me.

Andrew Duane USG wrote:
> Hairy green toads from Mars made Dean and Heather Sutherland say:
> > Local supplier has either type, same price ($120 Cdn).  Anyone have opinions
> > good bad or ugly about either brand? Thank you.  Dean.
> I second the opinion: go with the stock Bosch set. BTDT.
> I got the Blue Ignitors, they worked great for a while, then
> deteriorated. The Bosch set is better and half the cost.
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