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DOT / Importation questions...

Can anyone enlighten me as to the DOT rules about importing a racecar built 
from a production bodyshell into the U.S.?  I have a pretty good idea of 
what's involved in getting a street car imported and legalized but not a 
racecar, which will never be driven on the street.  I presume they are exempt 
from some of the requirements but don't know what sort of paperwork/hassle 
this involves ... any BTDTs?

Along the same lines, what are the rules about importing spare parts, such as 
a rolling bodyshell?  I have a friend who's just retired (at 53, the lucky 
SOB!) and he's thinking about finally indulging his passion for racing.  He 
has a friend in Germany who's decided to hang up his helmet and sell off his 
car and spares ... however, because it's an older car (Ford Cosworth) and no 
longer legal for most european racing series, it's apparently not very easy 
to get a decent price for it over there.  On the other hand, there are 
several clubs in Arizona and California that would be happy to let him run 
this car in their run-what-you-brung events so you can see how this might 
benefit both sides.

Anyway, if anyone has any experience with or info about this, I'd like to 
hear from you and pick your brain a bit on behalf of my friend and his 
six-figure early-retirement package.  I had dinner with him this evening and 
I think he is really serious about this even if his wife isn't particularly