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Fw: UrQ wing, Audi Sport stuff

Does anyone have a US source?
 - Doug
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From: -=Bob=- <mx@snet.net>
To: quk@isham-research.freeserve.co.uk
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Date: Saturday, September 11, 1999 12:39 AM
Subject: Re: UrQ wing, Audi Sport stuff

>Phil Payne wrote:
>> In message <34031e3d.250b3a57@aol.com> RndLiteBMW@aol.com writes:
>> > There was a Mars Red UrQ at Monterey with a really neat rear wing
on it-it
>> > looked  identical to the stocker, but about 2" taller, as it had
>> > posts beneath it, and it was one piece.  It's the only one I've
seen, and
>> > would really like to know where I can find one, if at all.
>> Standard Sport quattro wing, probably.  Aelred at Dialynx fits them
>> his short wheelbase abort^W conversions.
>Either that or the standard A2 wing extensions. They were made to put
under the
>OE wings to fit the large oil cooler that they had.