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For those of us who can't afford Eurolights......

I have found a great driving/fog light combination.  First, all usual 
affiliation disclaimers apply.  The stock DOT headlights on the 4k are 
pitiful, as you may expect.  Eurolights (H4/H1) would be nice, but $600USD is 
too much considering the rest of my shopping list that you have helped me 
write.  I saw Blau's ad for Catz driving lights and liked the look and 
placement on their 4k, but fog lights were also a priority.  Found Catz' 
website (www.fet-usa.com) and found the XLD model.  This unit contains a 55W 
fog/70W driving, with the driving light upgradable to a H3 120W bulb if 
desired, sold separately. The combined unit is 5.5" wide, so minor trimming 
of the left hand side black grill insert was required (about 3/4".)  The 
brackets also required drilling another set of holes to line up with 
preexisting holes in the underside of the bumper. I also figured out that 
drilling a "notch" on the side of the bracket closest to the centerline of 
the car allowed more setback on that side, essentially aiming the lamp 
straighter relative to the curvature in the bumper, easing aiming.  
Pre-assembled wiring harness with 2 relays (fog/driving) was a snap to 
install (no "help me" requests on the board, for once!) and only required 
splicing one wire (to parking light 12V, black/grey wire, taken from behind 
headlight switch.  Mounted pad switch for lights on dash under instrument 
panel bezel for easy access and low visibility from onlookers.  Total install 
time is about 3 hours (I'm a little slow) and no extra parts left over, no 
wires visible, mounted relays on bracket next to LH side strut tower.  Aimed 
the lights last night and WOW, what a difference!  Just like daylight without 
blinding oncoming drivers, fogs give a nice yellow bath of light with a 90 
degree spread of light.  I paid $219USD for the set from a dealer located 
from their website, prices vary, so call around.  The lights look pretty 
modern on the face of an older car, but very cool and not "SpeedRacerBoy" at 
all.  Possibly Could have fit Hella Driving and Hella Fog in the lower grill 
for a more stock appearance, but why do twice the work?  Coincidentally, with 
the fogs in the pre-warned outside position, the driving lights line up 
directly under the centerline of the headlight.  Did I mention that I'm just 
a little anal-rententive!?  Once again, no affiliations, just real happy I 
can see at night now.
Best regards,
Gil Bourcier
Columbia, MD USA
87 4kcsq-84k mi-"I can see clearly now, bring on the rain that's gone!"