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Audi 100 Instrument Panel - shortcircuit damage

Have been experiencing some peculiar problems which am wondering if any
other listers have come across:

The car was fine before a BMW drove at it and required a new bonnet,
lights, etc.

Upon its return from repair all seemed fine until when visiting the
supermarket I tried to turn on the lights. No panel illumination or rear
number plate lights. Fuse 14 (5a) was blown (this also feeds the
glovebox light).

Replaced fuse with the only spare in the box, which was a 10a.
Illumination restored, but in the time it took to replace the fusebox
lid, etc., the unmistakable smell of cooking wiring filled the interior.
Pulled fuse again quick.

In the morning, discovered that a section of pcb track at the bottom of
the instrument panel was toasted, but all associated wiring to/from the
panel seemed OK. Bridged the frazzled tracks with some wire, put
everything back together with a 5a fuse, and tried the circuit with some
trepidation, fully expecting wherever the short-circuit was to start
cooking things/blowing the fuse again. But all seems fine so far.

It would be seem probable that either the accident itself or the body
shop repairs had something to do with these problems, but suppose it
just may be pure coincidence. Moreover, suppose it is possible that the
pcb may have been the cause of the original shortcircuit/blown fuse
rather than the consequence of a short elsewhere.

So I am not sure until I ascertain the cause of the fault whether the
insurance company the bodyshop or poor me should foot the bill for all
this, which to fix properly probably requires a new pcb.

Any BTDTs or observations/advice would be much appreciated.

David Boyd
Cumbria, UK