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Re: tire life?

At 12:15 AM 9/11/99 -0400, OorQue@aol.com wrote:
>Two weeks ago, I ran over a piece of strap steel at 70mph and blew out the 
>right rear tire on my father's '91 100.  As he bought them (Michelin MXV) 
>from Costco, I took the car there to buy another one.  To my surprise, they 
>claimed it was only 25 percent worn despite the fact that it had covered 
>almost 37k!
>Now, I realize that tire wear isn't linear (even if the tire manufacturer's 
>warranties pretend that is), but this struck me as pretty impressive ... mind 
>you, since Michelins don't stick to the ground very well, the fact that they 
>last forever should not necessarily considered a plus.  ;^)

I had almost 100K on a set of Michelins on my '77 Peej PU when I traded it
for a load of lumber several years ago.  'Course, I wouldn't consider any
kind of Peej a "road vehicle".