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Vacuum-formed plastic dash parts

Steven writes:

>Subject: RE: plastic fabrication

>rocky writes ...
>> 	i think you should make copies of the old abt dashboard
>> 	extention for urq.  i had to pay $250 for mine - just a
>> 	piece of plastic!  i am sure you'd have many buyers to
>> 	make the cost low and worthwhile.

>Hear, Hear!  After all Abt just got them from TFA for rabbits!

I have no idea what an abt dash or extension look like, but my
company is in the thermoformed plastics business. One of my
customers is the manufacturer of many of the aftermarket 'burl'
and 'carbon-look' dash panels, so I also have access to finishing
equipment for same. We 'reverse-engineer' dash skins for them,
as well as produce the formed, 5-axis-trimmed panels.

If someone will forward a picture of an ABT panel, perhaps I might 
be of some service.

Franklyn Berry	
Maison de Pique-Assiette
Milwaukee, WI USA	
(414) 961-1641