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Re: bronco busting

You can't rule out graft either.  There was huge scam in the Great Lakes 
area (don't remember the state) that made national news: apparently, a 
commercial licensing outfit thought it would be a great idea to hand over 
big-rig ratings to anyone who had the cash--including people w/o any 
training or English language skills.

One particular individual involved went the wrong way (couldn't read sign, 
in English) down an avenue and (despite other truckers screaming at him on 
the CB, in English) rammed a stationwagon full of kids.

True story, although alzheimers may be altering the details.

I believe the newsstory ended with the FBI trying to find all the 'drivers' 
with bogus credentials.

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>I think my failure of logic here is that I would assume that stricter
>licensing would require more training, but that might not be true.

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