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RE: Is AUDI trying to kill us?

>In Germany, most high performance cars like the RS2, are only legal
>to drive with the manufactures recommended tyres. In case of the RS2
>only very few tyres have the official Audi AG clearing. From the
>original Audi papers of the RS2 I have, the Bridgestoone S02 never
>was cleared to be used on the RS2.
>- - Hans-Juergen Schneider
>'93 S2 Avant
>'89 CQ 20V  

	Of course, then again.  The So-2 Didn't even Exist when the RS-2
came out.  Of course it wasnt' certified on it.  WHy would this kill us.
THe SO-2 is one of the best tires money can buy.  A GREAT match for a car
such as the RS-2.  BUt it has VERY stiff sidewalls and I think our NEw
Zealand friend has had problems bending rims on his RS-2.  I guess their
roads must be as bads as the roads around my house. :-)
	Nice cars BTW.  L8R

	Todd Phenneger
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