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Re: plastic fabrication

My friend ADAm took some reinforced Dryer type hose about 4" in dciameter
and cut a hole int he FRONT of the Airbos before the filter.  THen rand
the hose from that hole to behind the bumper /Grille area for fresh cool
air.  ANd put in a K&N filter.  MAde a difference. Don't know how much was
from each part but we have great luck with K&N's in the past and I suspect
they complement each other.  THe Dryer hose is attacched to the box
somehow but |I'm not sure exactly how he did hit.   
	ANyhow, jsut a FYI for you guys.  ONbe way of doing it.

><< I was going to stay away from this tread, BUT, what about a cold air
>  intake for the 5KT's?  The stock air horn LOOKS restrictive, and
>  MUCH too close to the turbo.  >>
>maybe make it out of flexible sheetmetal heater ducting..EVERY typ44
>air cleaner intake elbow i've ever seen is melted from the turbocharger's
>heat. i have some of that stainless steel tape wrapped around the hole in
>mine, works for me.

Well, at least in my case, we wanted to do something that most people
have anyway...Something that if it broke or wore out or looked stupid, it
wouldn't really matter anyway.    

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