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I have a naive insurance question that I hope someone can advise me on.

Tonight, as I left for dinner, I stopped at a local coffee shop where I parked
my car and enjoyed a nice cafe mocha. I got back into the A6 and tried to back
out and leave. The car seemed very hesitant to move in reverse and it felt as
though my emergency brake was on. I reset the brake and put the car back into
reverse. Same problem so I gunned it (BIG mistake). I heard a crunching noise
and that is when I realised that my front end was caught up on the curb. To cut
this pathetic story of my driving expertise short, my front bumper has been
pulled from the car near the bottom and the plastic "grille" inserts around the
fog lamps popped out. It is a mess but I might be able to pop it back on.

My question is, will my insurance premiums go up if I make a claim to get this
fixed or should I just bite the bullet. I am asking because I have been
fortunate enough to have never made an insurance claim in my life and I do not
know how to proceed.

Thanks and please hold the idiot comments to a minimum, I already know.

99 A6q (a little bruised in the chin)