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Re: Plastic Fantasies

Decsi Miklos wrote:
> There is one for sure!
> You can find the article in
> Car & Driver(1990 december): ROAD TEST: THE TRABANT 601. THE WHAT?
> You can find the Hungarian translation here:
> http://nexia.math.klte.hu/trabant.html
> There are some pictures for you non Hungarians. It worth a look. You can see
> a car with the least gauges in the world (only one speedometer and nothing
> else). Still thousands of this car running in eastern Europe. In fact it was
> the first car I have driven in my life.
> DM
When I visited my great aunt in east Germany im 1989 she was very proud
of her Trabant. I don't know which version it was. Actually, I am sorry
to say, I didn't even pay attention to it that much. I was driving a
rental passat around, which was a very nice car in that part of the
country at that time.