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Re: Subject: Re: Plug wires - Blue Streak vs Autolite - Experiences or opinions?

C1J1Miller@aol.com wrote:
> Wolff writes:
> ----------------------------------
> Anyone know where to get plug wires for a '91 200tq. The "dealer" isn't
> the right answer unless you know of a dealer who can sell a set. The
> eaches price at $75x5 isn't real attractive to me.
> ---------------------------------
> This has been a recent topic of discussion on the 200q20v list.  There is a
> listing in the Bosch cross-reference book for wires; they _do not_ fit the
> 200q20v.

I spotted that right away when I went to the dealer. New kid at the
counter says, "Oh, we have those in stock!" Naturally I told him his
book was wrong (it lists the '91 200tq right in with all the rest of the
10v cars) and that he did not have them in stock. He had to pull stock
to prove me wrong. I let him go get the 10v wires and then go put them
back. Their book is also wrong about all of the cars with the 2.3 motor,
unless one enjoys cracking open the round style loom or taking the wire
ends off and putting them back on, which I would be reluctant to do.