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FS: '86 4000cs quattro

Father-donated quattro needs a new home to finance repairs on my own car.
Car is too nice to part out to fix my own car, so I'm going to sell it.
Money will be deposited directly into the "fix Mark's 4kq" fund.

Here is some basic information.  Interested parties, please contact me for
any other information.  Records are currently at dad's place, so I need to
make some calls if I get a bite.

1986 Audi 4000cs quattro
LOCATION: Chicago north suburbs
139,040 miles
LY5V paint code (silverish-blue ... really nice)
Option codes: R85 002 100 253 647 650 664 991
Cloth interior, trip computer, always working odometer.

-JT engine
-7/86 build date
-Second owner.  Purchased in Oregon.  All records from new.  Serviced at
 dealer most of its life.
-Cloth interior excellent (9/10)
-Exterior paint nice except spots where rust is forming:
  Leading edge of sunroof
  Leading edge of hood (chips, etc.)
  Leading edge of driver's door
  Trailing edge of driver's rear fender (near light cluster)
  One spot on metal below light cluster in rear
 Otherwise, paint is in excellent shape, only a few scratches on driver's
 door.  Strangely, passenger side is excellent.
-Castrol Syntec synthetic oil for a long time now, with regular 3k
 changes.  Previous owner started, I'm continuing.
-Passenger front door replaced after police car bumped it.  Work done
-All electricals work, including: sunroof, windows, mirrors.  Windows
 are nice and quick, switches work well :).  Vacuum locks work 100%.
-Recent parts (that I recall):
 Dunlop D60A2 (set of four)
 Autobahn (OEM) battery
 Center resonator + piping (not-oem... custom)
 Bosch wiper blades (whoo-hoo)

-Three door handles work.  Driver's side rear broken.  Have replacement.
-Heater control flap either stuck or disconnected.  Haven't checked.
-A/C needs charge (according to PO).  Does not blow cold.  YMMV.
-Cold start running is not great.  Haven't diagnosed.  2 minutes of warm
 up and she idles at 800.
-Needs new speakers -- original OEM in there now.
-Clutch pedal has some play.  Clutch is strong, but linkage may need
-Noisy rear section exhaust.  Lost a hanger and damaged the rear box.
 Not loud, but not as quiet as stock.  I'd leave it, personally.
-Crack in windshield in lower driver's corner.  Some rock pits as well.
 Not too severe.  Iowa (where the car is registered) does not have 
 any sort of inspection, so check your local laws and regulations.

-Drives tightly.  No clunks or weird noises from suspension bits.
-All stock.  No mods.  Always oem parts except center resonator.
-Sharp looking, no dents.  Just some rust (whaddya expect for a 
 Chicago car).
-No sagging springs.  This q does not drag it's behind.

BEST OFFER.  If you are more than a tire kicker, email me.  I will have
the complete records soon from my pop, or can inquire about them easily.
Again, the car is in the Chicago north suburbs.


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