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Re: IA's "custom" intake manifold for 20v turbos...

> How would they differ?

For a start, the RS2 manifold has its throttle body at the rear of the 
manifold, by the firewall; the MTM/IA manifold has it up front, by the nose 
panel, angled downward and off to the side in front of the radiator.  
Needless to say, bolting on either of these manifolds requires some degree of 
fabrication and/or modification of existing parts to accomplish.  As I looked 
closer at photos, I also noticed that the MTM logo appears to be bolted on 
rather than cast into manifold and it uses the same number of ribs (four) as 
the IA manifold, which are located in roughly the same place and are about 
the same size.  I also noticed that on IA's manifold, there is an additional 
boss that appears to be welded on -- not cast in place -- just in front of 
the intake temperature sensor.  I don't know what it's used for but it 
definitely wasn't originally a part of either casting...

As for photos, the only scanner I have on hand at the moment handles film 
only ... however, Paula's out fishing today and took one of my cameras with 
her.  If there's any film left when she gets back, I'll pop on my macro lens 
and copy the photos from the Audi Driver and Turbo magazines and post them 
somewhere tomorrow.  If not, then I'll scan them as soon as my new Epson 
shows up...

If time permits, I'll also dig through some more of the magazines in my 
collection and see if I can find better photos of both manifolds ... the plot 
thickens!  :^)