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Re: CD player woes

> > I have an after-market 10 CD player and yesterday, it started playing the 
> > same track over and over. I can change tracks with the remote but it will not 
> > play the entire CD from beginning to end. Do I need a new cartridge thingy? 
> > (I hope so because that seems a lot less complicated than having the CD 
> > changer worked on) Its only about 6 month old.
> Does this only happen with one particular CD?  Or with all CDs?
> If the former, it may just be a slightly warped disc or a tolerance
> thing.  I have seen this happen and the solution is not to play
> that CD on this particular player.  If you have trouble with any
> CD in any slot, then it's probably a malfuntioned player.

"Single track repeat" accidently set to ON?

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