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seals &pump

replaced the seal and pump gasket (o ring) the pump appeared to have been
changed recently....:>) crossed fingers and all. i also liberated its hella
euro lights at this time as they are far more suited to the 5kcdtq. btw i
got carried away the morning and highlighted the raised portions of the
valve cover and timing belt covers...now they are crimson and gold...approx
15 hp gain there..besides its almost autumn and those colours are real. i
did forget to get a new manifold flange gasket :>(...so thats for tomorrow.
        on a totally different note...in my neck of the woods we are having
one heck of a problem with plagues of crickets and wasps....anyone else
seeing this? i used my old drof van for the first time in weeks to shuffle
the engineless audis around and got stung by wasps again...they had made
nests inside the doors by the hinges... in the audis they were inside the
mirror housings_and_ in the door hinges...i got stung from each of those
too. it's getting annoying...what _really slows them down though is wd 40..
86 5kcdtq, tap chip sjm spring
84 5ks
84 5ksw
many cyclops bicycles