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Re: Idle Problems haunt my 80

    Probably checked for vacuum leaks a million times.  Replaced all
suspicious hoses, now I am thinking it's time to replace all hoses and
injector seals.  There is a constant wooshing noise from all over the intake
manifold, can't figure what or exactly where it's coming from.  I have taken
every vacuum hose out of the engine and inspected and cleaned, no leaking
hoses to my knowledge.  I have noticed that one of the oulets from the
manifold there has been a color change around where the hose connects.  The
color of the manifold is slightly brownish looking, maybe a leak there?
When I squeeze the hose I hear a air rushing noise, but I figure that's air
inside being forced through a smaller space.
    I guess it's back to finding vacuum leaks again:-(


Alexander van Gerbig
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