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Re: Back from honeymoon, with new wheels

Wallace White writes:
> What wheels were these 5-bolt Ronals (16-spoke, look like the ones on
> 4k's) offered on? These are 447 601 025 E (they had A and C colors too,
> I think), 15x6 et 45, exposed lugs. I've only seen wheels like those on
> urq's--and on a few 5kcstq's I just saw in Canada on my honeymoon,
> actually. Mine are date-stamped late '86 and '87, which baffles me,
> unless they came from Canada; I can't think of any US-bound Audi that
> had 5-bolt Ronals at that time.

Don't know about the 86-87 time frame, but the Ronal R8 15x6 5x112
wheels were also used on factory 80-83 type-43 5K turbos, in addition
to the models you mentioned.

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