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RE: Falling sunvisors

>> Someone wrote in yesterday about their sunvisors falling down all the
>> time. Was this ever resolved? I have the same problem on mine.


>This problem is a common one for the visors in the type 44 ... I had it
>develop on my '88 5kCSQ Avant a few years back.  Using Buchholz' law (which
>reads "Once its broken I'm not going to break it any more trying to fix it")
>I disassembled the one for the driver's side.


>I am of the opinion that if you could fabricate some replacement clips, with
>some careful surgery one could rebuild the visors in a way where it would be
>difficult to see the repair.  Given how much these things go for even at the
>wrecking yards it might not be a bad solution to pursue ...

I made my own "heavy-duty" super-bionic replacement clip from
"aircraft-grade billet carbon steel" (marketing hype for some junk I had
lying around). I could just as well have used a good clip off of the
passenger side, I suppose.

Remove the visor. Just inboard of the mount/hinge is where the broke clip
is. The clip is about as big as this capital "C." If you're trashing an old
visor to get the clip, you can be a little careless; on the good visor,
make two careful triangle incisions, and also cut out solid pieces of foam.
Expose the clip area, install the new clip, plug the foam in, and use some
5-minute epoxy that is RATED FOR PLASTICS to glue the visor back together.
My visors happen to be tan, and the glue is off white; a thin coat barely
shows, and even then only when the visor is down.

Send mail if you'd like a sketch of my replacement clip (could be made with
a hacksaw and a small file, if you have a piece of 1/2"x1/2"x1/2" (13 mm
x3) steel), or a picture of where I cut the visor.

cu, James
'87 4kq (alias "late-B2 90q")
'89 200q (K26, wood/8-gauge dash, torsen, aero handles, Procon10/no bag)
Boise, ID, USA     http://netnow.micron.net/~marriott