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'95 Audi 90 weird starting problem

My wife drives an '95 90 that has an intermittent starting problem.  Every
now and then, and it seems like it is getting more frequent, when my wife
tries to start the car, the engine will turn over but not start up.  After
letting it sit for a while, sometimes as long as 24 hours, she can get the
car started.  If it doesn't start up right away, tho, she has to leave it
sit again.   The EMS light has also recently come on.   The car also
exhibits a bit of weirdness with electrical system (power windows might not
work, turn signals might not work, a/c might not work, but not in any
consistent fashion).

Before I try and find someone in the Kansas City area to work on it, I
thought I might see if anyone here has any good ideas.  Also, if anyone has
any suggestions on who to take it to in the KC area, let me know.  The Audi
dealership here has failed me miserably, and altho the car is supposed to be
under warranty, I am so displeased with the service from the dealership that
I am either going to pay an independent shop to fix it, or I will trade the
car off for something else.  A shame, since it is an awesome car when it
runs well, but since its my wife's car, I value hassle-free reliability and
being able to get it serviced over performance.

Email me privately as I am on digest mode.

Regards, ...Scott