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Re: Elevation=lessBHP?

Boy are you lucky to have a turbo car at that elevation. I've driven my
4k, 4kq, 5kcstq and 200tq at that altitude and basically, the non turbo
cars really lose power, while the turbo cars gain some lag, they still
move once spooled up. You should have a smaller k-24 so the spool up
time will be much shorter than I get with the k-26 in the 5kcstq. 
Have fun blowing the scoobies and SUV's away,

JAYTRES@aol.com wrote:
> Hi-
>     Got a question on elevation and the effects that occur on turbo cars.
> Someone told me that for every 1000 feet up in elevation, a N/A car will lose
> 3% HP. Now does this hold true for a turbo car?
>      I currently live at 8000 feet and was wondering how much HP i lose from
> the altitude.
> TIA,
> Jay 1990 200 TQ