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headlights...halogen etc

I own a 1982 Audi coupe with the four square headlamp system. Now, they
are halogens, although they are likely older since they came with the
car when I bought it not long ago. They are not bright enough in my
opinion. So far, my local wreckers don't seem to have euro lights for me
to fit in place of these sealed beam units.

I am looking for advice here, I understand that the Euro lights are of
course, the best decision for looks/lighting, but I'm not sure I can get
any at the moment. Has anyone tried or got any unformation on the HELLA
vision plus sealed beam replacement units? They are shaped like a
rectangular sealed beam lamp but are actually lenses which allow you to
place a halogen bulb ie H4 inside it. Has anyone tried these, seen
these, know if they work with the four lamp system, or know how pricey
they are?

I would appreciate any information on these, so I know what to do.

geordie clarke