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Re: Back from honeymoon, with new wheels

Hi Wallace;

    All Canadian '86 - '88 5kcstq's came with the 16 spoke Ronal wheels. I
run a set of these as winter wheels.

Fred Munro
'91 200q  281k km

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Sent: Sunday, September 12, 1999 9:24 PM
Subject: Back from honeymoon, with new wheels

> Thanks to everyone who replied about my needing wheels in Seattle. Doug
> Johnson's recommendation of Bry's Auto Wrecking turned out to be a good
> one. They're a VW-Audi yard with somewhat organized parts. I found a set
> of four 5-bolt Ronals, which I thought were more interesting than a set
> of 5k turbos. I didn't realize I would also need Audi lug bolts until
> the shop was going to change the wheels; Bry's had those too, naturally.
> The Riken wheels used a studs (adapters, actually) and conical nuts,
> rather than Audi's spherical-seat bolts. I'll miss having studs, but I
> won't miss the rubbing.
> What wheels were these 5-bolt Ronals (16-spoke, look like the ones on
> 4k's) offered on? These are 447 601 025 E (they had A and C colors too,
> I think), 15x6 et 45, exposed lugs. I've only seen wheels like those on
> urq's--and on a few 5kcstq's I just saw in Canada on my honeymoon,
> actually. Mine are date-stamped late '86 and '87, which baffles me,
> unless they came from Canada; I can't think of any US-bound Audi that
> had 5-bolt Ronals at that time.
> That reminds me: near Banff, Canada, we saw a gold '86-'87 5kcstq with
> the Alberta plate "AUDIOS". It also silver Fuchs and only the "quattro"
> badge on the trunk. A lister?
> Finally, if anyone wants the Riken wheels that gave me so much grief
> (rubbing on the rear fenderwells), just let me know. 15x7 JJ aluminum
> wheels, typical aftermarket flat star shape, covered lugs, fair cosmetic
> condition, straight. I would guess the offset is 35mm or less; does the
> JJ indicate that? They were okay with 195/60's unless fully laden but
> unacceptable with 205/60's. I will be happy to sell them dirt cheap or
> give them away if need be. They are in Seattle.
> Thanks again for the wheel help! With the new wheels the ride back to
> California was a very nice one.
> - Wallace
>   '87 5kcstq 159k