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4kq miscellany

Wolff wrote:

>Timing belt and water pump can easily run $500 on a 4kq, while on the 4
>cyl 4k it's a standard local vw shop job for prolly half that.

I just had the T-belt, water pump and 2 other belts done for $240.  That is not
a $500 job.  You are being ripped off, if you paid that.

As for the $400 4kq.  Forget about it unless you have space in your yard for a
parts car.  Every 4kq under $2000 that I looked at was junk--No suspensions and
numerous electrical failures.  All the 4kqs over $2000 I looked at were in good
shape, well-cared for, with maintenance records, etc.

Big rainstorm here in Minneapolis on Saturday night afforded me the opportunity
to test the differential lock.  It worked wonderfully, I could feel the quattro
working.  Really cool.  Actually I can feel the quattro kicking in just driving
through this dirt and gravel construction zone on my way to work, without the
diff locked.  I also unfortunately got to test the brakes when  an SUV
(Surprise, surprise) pulled out right in front of me during that storm.
Probably couldn't see through those fogged-up tinted widows.  But the Eurotrash
princess stopped quick and stayed on the road around some hairy turns that were
a couple inches deep with water.

Also I solved my biggest dilemma yet...which Star Wars figure to put on my
dash.  I've decided to go with Ric Olie (The shield's back up.  That little
droid did it!)  Queen Amidala's trusty cruiser pilot.  I put him right between
the tac and the speedo on the little ledge behind the steering wheel.  With such
a big gas tank, I don't really need to worry about watching the gas gauge
obsessively anyway.

4kcsq: The Eurotrash Princess