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Fuel Accumulator

I need to replace the fuel accumulator on a 1990 200q and wonder if
anyone has done that recently?  My problem is that the fittings are so
badly rusted that I'll probably ruin them when I try to disconnect the
lines. The clamp was actually rusted into two pieces.  Minnesota is a
great location to enjoy a quattro, but the salt is sure hard on the
chassis and underbody parts.  

Audi will happily sell new lines for many $$$, but hopefully someone has
another solution.  It looks like both lines are rubber or plastic, but I
haven't checked to see if they are coated metal.  At the pressure they
operate, I suspect they are coated metal. One line is only about 12
inches long and could easily be fabricated, while the other goes all the
way to the fuel pump.  I am hoping that someone has simply replaced the
fittings on the accumulator end of each line.   Suggestions???


Fred L. DeRoos

flderoos@mmm.com     (work)
flderoos@mmmpcc.org  (home)