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Re: brake bleeding...or, Bleedin' brakes!

An 80's GM reservoir cap will also fit.  Available for $3.xx at PepBoys
(Help! part #42035).  It does have this little groove that needs to be
filled with some silicone, but that takes about 5 seconds.  Borrow the
rubber seal from your car's cap and you are good to go.  The only seals
you have to worry about when pressure bleeding are the grommets under
the reservoir and the clutch supply line.  Anything below 15 psi should
be fine, but going above that increases the risk of popping the clutch
line and spewing brake fluid all over your engine compartment.

Bleeding the rear brakes in my 4kq was a long and tedious process using
the gravity method.  The vacuum pump was useless.  With the pressure
bleeder, it's a breeze.  Takes more time to jack up each corner and
remove/reinstall wheels than the actual bleeding :)

-Luis Marques
'87 4kcsq

OorQue@aol.com wrote:
> In my experience, the best way to bleed brakes is with gravity;
> barring that, though, I use a pressure bleeder that was made from an
> extra MC cap I had lying around.  It's important to keep the pressure
> very low in order not to blow seals in the process ... although it
> takes longer to do as a result, I set the compressor regulator at 5psi
> whenever I do it.
> JG