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Anybody going to the Frankfurt show?

Tomorrow and the next day ... at the Frankfurt show:

We expect a report!

          In addition to he new A2, RS4, S6 and long
          wheelbase A8 models, Audi presents its Le
          Mans R8R sports racing car on its stand during
          both Press Days at the IAA Motor Show. Audi
          works driver Michele Alboreto will also be in
          attendence. Two R8Rs finished third and fourth
          on Audi's Le Mans debut earlier this year.

          On both days, media representatives will be
          given the opportunity to take photos and record
          video footage of Audi works driver Michele
          Alboreto and the Audi R8R sports racing car

              Tuesday, 14 September 1999 at 15.00
          hours and
              Wednesday, 15 September 1999 at
          15.00 hours


   - Charlie

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