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Non-start '83 CGT -- tips/shop rec?

Our '83 CGT thoughtfully decided to lose its starting circuit in the
driveway of our home instead of out in the middle of nowhere.  We must
live right...

Anyway, I've got two questions, but first the patient history:

On Sunday I put the key into the ignition, started the car, and it idled
rough for a few seconds before dying.  I turned the key again and could
hear the starter whirring away madly but without engaging the engine. 
We arranged for alternative transport for that day's activities and I
consulted the Bentley.

The starter whir without engaging the ring gear suggested a bad
solenoid, so on Monday morning we shopped around and found a good price
on a rebuilt starter/solenoid combo at a shop I've used before. 
Replaced the unit in fairly short order (and kudos to the folks who made
it so easy to get to), lowered the car, put the key in, and
whirrrrrrrrrr...  It's still not engaging.  

Bentley says that this is most likely in the circuit from the ignition
switch to the starter solenoid.  So here are my two questions:

1 - is there an obvious (to all but me) place to look for a fuse, relay
or broken wire that I can check easily in the comfort and privacy of my
driveway?  Or am I going to have to start chasing down all the wires
between the key and the starter?  In that case...

2 - any recommendations on shops in the rough vicinity of Sunnyvale,
California USA?  (A Bay Area list member has already spoken well of M&M
but without first-hand experience; any satisfied -- or otherwise --
customers here on the Big List?)

We've recently upgraded our AAA membership to the variety that includes
100 miles free towing, so if the ideal shop is three towns away, let me
know.  This isn't going to be a terribly exciting job for them (or us),
but I'd like to start up a relationship with a good shop for future work
and/or future Audis.


--Scott Fisher