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Re: Which years was K24 Turbo.

Lewis, Gary M wrote:
> I agree that after 2.0 - 2.2 bar, you need at least a K26, but I'd start
> with an RS2 turbo instead.  I'm really starting to think the K26 is really
> mismatched to the 2.2I5.  I think the displacement is perhaps just too small
> to effectively push this turbo.  Any of you 944t owners have a comment?  At
> 2.5l, how is the k26 experience?

Nope, K26 is too _small_, RS2 is moving in the right direction. :)

Having talked to Porsche guys, the warm setup is either a K27 or a
K27/K26 hybrid (-8 trim on the K26 hot side, usually; K26-6 is the
standard MC turbo, I believe).  They go much larger (non-KKK) for
race cars or hot street rockets.

My MC has a K27/K26-6 and pushes 2.2 bar very nicely, but has
what most would consider unacceptable lag, it doesn't reach full
boost until about 3200-3300 RPM (I just keep the revs up to
compensate :).

Eric Fahlgren
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