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RE: New Lister

Jason said;

> > 1.  How much should I pay for the repair of a blown head gasket?  If the
> head
> >  gasket is blown, what else should I look for?  (I picked this car up
> from a
> >  friend the car is in great condition with the exception of the head
> gasket 
> > that
> >  just went.)
> No clue, Mine hasn't been blown yet.  I wouldn't think it would be too
> much.
It is pretty big bucks.  Figure $1,000, P&L. Don't forget about the warped
EM, cracked head, stud removal, etc.  Depending on mileage and head cracks,
I'd do the new Audi OEM head deal that Phil always raves about.  $500 for a
new head (exchange), sounds nice...

> >  
> >  2.  I have heard a lot of talk about performance chips.  I would like
> to
> >  purchase one for the Audi.  Which one is recommended, what should I
> stay 
> > away
> >  from, how much HP can I expect from a chip?  Please note that I really
> do 
> > not
> >  want to modify the car too much so a chip and an air filter is probably
> the 
> > only
> >  thing I am going to do with the exception of struts and shocks whenever
> the 
> > car
> >  needs them.  Please advise me of what has been the best chip to
> purchase
> >  according to the list and also the most reliable.
> I actually recently chipped the car myself.  cost me 50 dollars and did it
> in 
> 20 minutes.  Other people charge 150 for the same mod.  IA has it for 450
> or 
> something like that.  As for reliablity, well, when you have more power.
> you 
> have less life.  You can probably tune that car up to about 235 for stage
> 2.  
I'm curious Jason.  Did you by-pass the ecu by teeing in a pressure
regulator, which also by-passes all the safety's the ECU has, such as
finding a new timing map, limiting boost, etc?  Or did you put a resistor
over (I think) pins 1 & 10, which makes the ECU think you are only running
1.4 bar, regardless of the wastegate spring?  

A true chip modification involves de-soldering the factory e-prom from the
ECU (well beyond my abilities) soldering on a new socket, and putting on a
new programmed eprom.  This new programmed chip gives new over boost
settings, new and more aggressive timing maps, and keeps all the factory
safety settings.

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