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RE: Haldex and Viscous Couplings II - kinda long

scott, you say:

>"ALL differentials that are physically locked "under extreme conditions",
the **entire drive** >is transferred to the rear wheels.  Bottom Line is
this, audi is making some marketing claims >that are not the accepted
practice.  A 4wd part time Haldex or VC is not capable of >controlling
torque beyond 50% rear.  Physically, 100% of available Trg can be at either
axle, >but it can happen in ANY 4wd/awd system, it has nothing to do with
the differential."

there are at least 3 complete contradictions in this paragraph.

please explain how a differential that can physically transfer 100% of
torque to either axle (which you now seem to accept the haldex can do), is
also not capable of controlling torque "beyond 50% rear"??????

please explain how, if "100% of available trg can be at either axle....it
has nothing to do with the differential"????

with regards to the toyota *wrc* rally car (not the group 'a' car), you
clearly have difficulty with the published spec of the car which, as
"racecar engineering" states (see V7 #6, 1997, and v8 #10 1998), was sans
centre differential and used a haldex-like clutch on the rear axle instead
of a true centre diff.  par for the course.  i guess that the fact that the
car won a number of rallies in this configuration is a little inconvenient
for the haldex nay-sayers.

you seem to think that i have difficulty accepting that the haldex is not
full-time awd.  not a bit.  as i said in the beginning a number of other
very hi-po cars use this sort of (part-time) technology.  so i don't have a
problem with it.

but before i pan it i'm certianly doing to drive it.

'95 rs2
'90 ur-q
'88 mb 2.3-16

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