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Re: RE Strut Bearings

At 03:49 PM 9/13/99 -0700, Dan Hamren wrote:
Hey did anyone answer this guys question. I am about to attempt the replacement of the strut bearings on my new (to me) Coupe Quattro. I don't think this requires the use of the insert nut/cap. I think you just jack the car up a little, then take off the old one and replace the new one. I have done this on my 5000 Q Avant, but the Coupe looks different. Any help is appreciated!!!!!!! TIA



The advice I got from the list was to use the tool if the Bently manual suggests it. It makes the job far simpler especially on the reinstall. Further research also suggests that Audi used this nut configuration for several years in several models so I would check with the manual or ask the list with your specific year. Hope this helps.