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'89 100 Steering Wheels source?

If the leather is warn out on your steering wheel, send it off to be
professionally recovered by AGLA (Allan Gunn Leather) in Florida.  He
specializes in recovering steering wheels, shift knobs, and shift boots.
This is not like a cheap recover kit.  He actually pulls off the old leather
and recovers it with new leather, and stiches it up like facotory new.

I haven't seen any of his steering wheels but I have seen his shift knobs
and boots, and they look factory original.  He uses very high quality
leather that looks just like what the factory uses.  Very nice quality.

If you send out the steering wheel, this might also be a good time to send
him your shift boot to be recovered!

That's what I plan to do, but I am a little nervous about sending mine out
as mine is an airbag steering wheel.  Has anyone done this with an airbag
type wheel?  Is it safe?  Maybee I should ask them.  Im sure they do it all
the time.

AGLA's number is:  1-800-780-4500

No affiliations...  just seen thier work and heard good things from others.