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Re: quattro-digest V1 #403 - fuel accumulator

I had to replace the fuel accumulator on my '87 5kcdtqa. Our winters in Toronto
also feature a lot of salt. In my case, it just rusted through and started to
leak. I got one from my regular used parts source - I think it was from a VW
Golf - sorry I don't know the year or model. I managed to get the fuel line
fittings disconnected without too much trouble. They are coated steel lines. You
must get the flexible line which is attached to one side of the accummulator as
part of the assembly - it is impossible to remove and reinstall this line from
the accummulator itself.

Bob Bach
Re: Date: Mon, 13 Sep 1999 10:54:28 -0500
From: "Fred L. DeRoos" <flderoos@mmm.com>
Subject: Fuel Accumulator

I need to replace the fuel accumulator on a 1990 200q and wonder if
anyone has done that recently?  My problem is that the fittings are so
badly rusted that I'll probably ruin them when I try to disconnect the
lines. The clamp was actually rusted into two pieces.  Minnesota is a
great location to enjoy a quattro, but the salt is sure hard on the
chassis and underbody parts.

Audi will happily sell new lines for many $$$, but hopefully someone has
another solution.  It looks like both lines are rubber or plastic, but I
haven't checked to see if they are coated metal.  At the pressure they
operate, I suspect they are coated metal. One line is only about 12
inches long and could easily be fabricated, while the other goes all the
way to the fuel pump.  I am hoping that someone has simply replaced the
fittings on the accumulator end of each line.   Suggestions???


Fred L. DeRoos

flderoos@mmm.com     (work)
flderoos@mmmpcc.org  (home)