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Just In: 91 90q20v

As a temporary replacement for my 87 4kq that was damaged and is being
repaired by yours truly, I picked up a 1991 90q20v.

This was the car I'd been asking about.  Got it for a few pesos shy of a
song :).  I won't say exactly, because you'd all be jealous.  But
seriously, it's a nice piece and I'm glad to have it *and* the 4kq in the

Some highlights: One owner, ALL records from new.  Lots of new stuff that
costs lots of money.  Much of it, courtesy of AoA due to extended
warrantee purchase by PO.  Drives like a dream. Just needs new suspension
bits in the next year or so (bushings and maybe H&R/Eibach/Bilstein!).

Just wanted to share the good news.  Get ready for a new slew of

87 4kq
91 90q20v

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                               Hal, open the damn file, Hal
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                               -- Jennifer Jo Lane