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93 90CS Auto transmission problem

A while back I posted about a problem I was having with my transmission
shifting.  The initial problem was with the upshift.

This problem was resolved with new synthetic transmission fluid
(Mobil-1 Dexron-III).  Since, that problem has been fixed I have a new
problem.  When the car shifts out of the overdrive/lock-up 4th gear to
3rd.  The engine will stall.  When the car is cold, it doen't do this. 
As the car warms, I can see that each time it downshifts, the rpm drops
lower and lower (900 at idle, 750-800 cold downshift).  Applying the
brakes, during this downshift, accelerates the stalling.  My current
work around is to shift from 4->3 when I am slowing.  I do this before
the car reaches the downshift point, which is normally around 45 mph. 

I just recently had the fuel injector recall, the driver's side
cat-convertor replaced (recall) and both oxygen sensors replaced.  I
had hoped the Oxygen sensor was contributing to the problem, but it
didn't have any impact on the problem.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

Daniel Adams
93 90CS 99K-miles

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