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Re: 90q20v Euro lights

Mark Chang wrote:
> Gotta see at night!  Metrix has 'em for $130 or so a piece 
> for my 91 90q20v.  I'm jumping today if someone doesn't tell 
> me better.  Bosch units, if I can remember.

I assume those are the single bulb H4 direct replacements 
(you keep the original turn signal). That's a great price, 
because the cheapest I found was ~350 for both from Wolfsport 
(and that was way lower than anyone else). If those are the 
H1/H4 (gotta move the turn sig), then it's a phenomenal deal, 
and please let me know privately right now so that I can get 
them before everyone else grabs them all. Bosch or Hella 
doesn't seem to matter. The glass is even exchangable between 
the two.

Does Metrix still require a tax ID? Are there any shipping 
issues or extra charges since they're from Canada?

> Now, on the 90q20v, is the wiring as cheezey as the 4kq?  Ie. 
> do I need to make a harness again?  Argh.

Yes. The stock setup sends all power through the steering 
column switch, which is prone to fail. Slap some proper wire 
and relays in there.

Eric Renneisen
'90 CQ 20V  -  my 'racing-iron'  ;^)
Chattanooga, TN