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Re: Sudden, Spastic Overheating and Gushing Coolant

In a message dated 9/14/99 2:30:18 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
Richard_Haroutunian@inso.com writes:

<< I had an appointment, so I drove for another 10 minutes at normal
 residential speeds.
 Parked for about 10 mins. then got back on highway for another 10 mins to
 town.  Parked and let run for a min. or 3..
 All of a sudden-- steam started pouring out from under the hood!  For no
 apparent reason at all!
 Coolant poured out in a huge puddle underneath the car. Opened the hood --
 and looked for a broken hose -- none.  Cannot figure out where coolant is
 coming from.
 Water-pump? Radiator?  Have NO idea where it's coming from..
 Temp gauge is broken-- so There was no warning, but still -- if the car was
 overheating, wouldn't it start honking anyway?
 Whatever -- it's not a broken hose, and it doesn't seem to be the radiator.
 The coolant is definately just coolant -- no oil.
 TIA for any help.   I think she's real mad that I haven't driven her in a
 week or so.

    You probably overheated and the coolant is coming out from your expansion 
tank cap.  You also need to get the temp guage fixed, that is a great way to 
ruin you motor!!  Check to make sure the fan is coming on, as your thermo 
switch may be bad, or the connections on the fan, or the fan itself, may be 
faulty.  Your thermostat may also be seized in the closed position.  It will 
be tough to trouble shoot without a temp guage however,as that is what it's 
Javad Shadzi
88 80Q