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my totaled 90 and parts

Two weeks ago a guy ran a red light and smashed up my 90.  The good news is
that nobody was injured and furthermore, I had cancelled a mechanic's
appointment two weeks prior.  So...Farmer's Insurance finally informed me
today that the car is a total loss.  I'm going to the junkyard and grab the
plates and the radio.  If somebody wants me to grab something else off the
car, I'll see if I can talk the junkyard (Clody's) into it.  Obviously, the
smaller and more insignificant, the easier.

Now, my question:  Farmer's (the other driver's insurance) is going to get
back to me with an offer for a check.  If it seems low to me, is it open for
negotiation (perhaps by citing prices in the paper), or do I just have to
take what I can get?  How long will they tolerate my keeping the rental car
while I car shop? (they've been evasive on this point)

Ken Creel
'99 D*dge Stratus
formerly '90 90q20V