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Re: Urquattros from the European Great White North

>I've only seen the Audi Sport painted faux-A2 of the cars previously.  That
>particular car has a monstrous Sierra Cosworth RS500 modified turbo and
>custom fuel injection/intercooling for 400+hp from a 10 valve engine.  The
>stock-appearing white 85 (with RHD!!!) was purchased by a friend of mine
>today.  The conversion to LHD will commence soon.

Looks like a sport quattro front end and fenders. The rear is not an A2, the
had 2 indents on the rear fender, this car has 1 low indent more like an
elongated sport quattro fender. But that intake plumbing below the front
looks interesting.

Now about that red ur-q, what's up under the hood? Looks like a MASSIVE
intercooler(6in thick!) mounted in front of the radiator. The turbo outlet
goes across the top of the engine and the intake runs back along the bottom 
of the front end. It also looks like a stock hood, I don't quite see how it
all fits.
And it looks like a different wastegate mounted in a different direction.
stock upper support which runs across the front of the car has been replaced
with something a bit smaller and more forward. Also looks like a 10V motor.
What a setup, I would like to hear more about it.
Dave Lawson