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Re: It's not a vacuum leak! CIS-Motronic Help

My mechanic uses starter fluid.  He says they removed the chemical out of
carb cleaner that allows you to search for vacuum leaks

On Mon, 13 Sep 1999, Alexander van Gerbig wrote:

>     I ran the carb cleaner check with all the vacuum line junctions and
> lines today.  Nothing seems to be leaking.  I removed the injector covers
> and sprayed the seals with carb cleaner, nothing.  I also am noticing that
> the wooshing noise might be from the front end then echoing off the
> firewall.  The wooshing noise is from the hydraulic pump.  The vacuum seem
> to be OK.
>     Now it's time to figure out what is wrong.  No codes, new ISV and air
> flow meter, stumbling idle, constantly changing mixture setting, almost
> stalls on stop, but occasionally idles just fine and runs fine.  Swapped
> ECU's same thing, swapped ISV with another off a junker and the junker ISV
> didn't work on my engine, no vacuum leaks, injector seals are not leaking,
> what could be the problem!  I used to get air flow potentiometer code
> everyday for two weeks then it stopped a week ago.  Everytime I got the code
> the idle would not stabalize until I restarted the car.  Maybe ISV duty
> cycle is not right, maybe potentiometer is out of adjustment?  Anyone out
> there know what to do?
> Thanks!
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