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Re: RS2 (K24/K26)??

would the RS/2 turbo be benefecial to a 951? what are the characteristics of 
an RS2? I am new to the AUDI lineage. I have a 924 that proudly wears 
"Powered by Audi" on the side windows! I am looking for someone to help me 
figure out what and what will not work from various audi models, in the 477 
series cars. I am building my 924 as we speak, it is out of commission, it 
has a nice chassis setup, and BIG brakes an 5 bolt hubs. Now it needs power. 
I have heard audi made a prototype with porsche that had some 5cylinder NA 
motor in it that weighed only a little more than a 924 but had gobs more 
torque and a few more ponies... Anyone have any idea? I am in search of 
streetable torque and some HP improvement.. car weighs 2100lbs wet. I know 
the audi 100 motor bolted right to the trans, like the 924 does to the torque 
tube... the 5K also does this right? I have heard that the 5KS has the same 
bellhousing, clutch ETC with an "extra" front cylinder added.. My early 924 
has few options, and LOTS of room in front at least 8" clear.  Plenty of room 
for a 5K... both use CIS, perfect right? lets say it is true, I dont know, 
maybe the motor mounts would line up, or at least be fairly easy to work 
with... a custom header may have to be fabricated.. along with an Elgin cam 
and a few other goodies... Would make a cool hybrid, and would proudly wear 
the AUDI+Porsche warpaint of the 70's.. OR howabout a Turbo 5K engine... 
HEHEHE that would be a neato 924 Carrera GT replica. 

77 924
82 924